Imagine your OT3 has been together for a long time, but only Person A and Person B have had sex. Person C confronts them on this and it turns out one of the two is not sexually attracted to Person C. Whatever happens next is entirely up to you.



by anna m.

really scared to get started on custom forums and profiles

lol ur sites always basic and ugly as fuck js.


kind of want to find some cute plus sized models to maybe play


Sebastian Lund


Stephen James by Juan Martin for Elle Vietnam September 2014


robin-sparkles-rp replied to your post “i dunno tho aaron isn’t really as buff / broad as i need kyle to be…”

Aaron Tveit is muscular omg

no i know he is but like i picture sam’s brother being more broad aaron is kind of like idk he’s not dainty but he’s not that big either and like kyle is this scruffy manly man type. idk aaron fits really great for my image of kyle in some pics/gifs tho.